Malaria epidemic hits Kaduna

•1, 000 cases reported daily

MALARIA epidemic has hit some parts of Kaduna State as over 1,000 patients report in hospitals across the state on daily basis.

Findings by the Nigerian Tribune revealed that most people that were affected were children and women.

A visit to most of the hospitals in the state capital showed that there were not bed spaces because of the influx of patients.

Makeshift arrangements by hospitals to accommodate more patients were put in place.

Disturbed by the malaria epidemic, the state governor, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, has directed that free anti-malarial medication be given  to everybody requiring treatment in public hospitals.

The government has also launched an appeal for blood donation, and is expanding the distribution of mosquito nets.

Speaking with officials and patients during a visit to the Yusuf Dantsoho Hospital, el-Rufai expressed his sympathy to individuals and families affected by the malaria outbreak.

The governor said the state was treating the issue as an emergency and would therefore extend free treatment beyond children under five, pregnant women and the elderly.

Hospital officials disclosed that a lot of the affected children were also anaemic. The governor, therefore, appealed to the public to support the malaria containment effort by donating blood.

Dr. Paul Dogo, the Commissioner of Health and Human Services, described the scale of the challenge. “Up to 1000 cases are reported at various government hospitals daily, but Yusuf Danstoho Hospital has the highest number of cases. For example, between Friday and Sunday, 2500 patients reported to Yusuf Dantsoho Hospital. Children constitute 1500 of these malaria patients.

“Last week, we distributed drugs in all government hospitals for free treatment of women and children. But the governor has directed us to procure more drugs to treat all patients, including adults in all public hospitals