Makeup: Glitter is the new regular •Achieving perfect graphic eye makeup

MAKEUP trends evolve over time and the new big thing is glitter. According to Ms. Grace Shaba, Chief Executive Officer of Touch of Gracie Beauty Parlour, Niger State, who shares some tips on using glitter in makeup with Makeover, glitter particles are used in makeup for the eyes, lips and body.

It’s perfect for jazzing up the eyes and other parts of the body. Glitter is now used for bridal makeup, creating smokey eyes, among other options.

Glitter is available in various forms such as glitter dust (loose); glitter eyeliner, and glitter pencil. However, because glitter makeup is laced with pigments that may not be very safe for the skin, care should be taken while using it to avoid contact with the eyes and also with the glitter glue. Below are steps to applying glitter makeup on the eyes:


Prepare the face

The first step is to set the eyebrows and foundation


Working the crease

The crease of the eye should be contoured. If it’s a smokey look, the dark colour, that is, black or dark brown that will be used should be applied at the outer corner or the eyelid.


Applying glitter glue

The glitter glue is then applied on the eyelids to ensure that the glitter stays on. Another way is to apply eyeshadow to the lid, then use the finger tip or makeup brush to apply glitter on the eyeshadow.


Use eyeshadow shields

Don’t forget to use eyeshadow shields to prevent glitter particles from falling onto the skin. The glitter eyeliner (liquid), which can be used as a replacement for the regular black liquid or gel liners, can also be used directly above the liquid or gel liners on the eyelids.



Finish up the look by applying a very suitable colour to the lips and blush on the cheeks.


Achieving perfect graphic eye makeup
GRAPHIC eyeliners are fast becoming the new regular for eye makeup. Simply put, graphic eyeliners are unique eye designs and can take up just part of the eyelids or the entire eye balls. Online fashion site, StyleCraze, offers a tutorial on how to achieve graphic eyeliner:


Step 1:

Start applying an eye primer to prevent creasing and fading of the eyeshadows. Then, draw a small triangular shape at the outermost corner of the eye. Start by connecting an imaginary line from the lower lash line to the brow bone area of the eye to locate the outer most v of the eye. It is best to use a creamy kajal for this step as it will help in easy blending of the product later.

As the makeup look is modern and graphic, we can use a cellotape at the outermost corner of the eye. It will act as a guideline for the eye makeup and will also create a sharp wing at the corner of the eye.


Step 2:

Create a thin line in the crease area of the eye. Start by drawing smaller strokes from the innermost area of the eye to the outermost corner of the crease.


Step 3:

Take a smudge brush or a pencil type brush to blend the sharp edges in the eye makeup softly. Use a light hand to softly blend the kajal inwards to the centre of the eye, leaving a small space empty in the moving lid of the eye.


Step 4:

Then, set the applied creamy kajal with a matte black eyeshadow to improve the colour intensity and also set the formula to prevent creasing. It is best to keep the crease area of your eye very sharp and neat for this makeup look, so if you have messed the eyeshadow or the kajal, you can easily use a cotton swab and clean out the edges.


Step 5:

Take a deep black liquid eyeliner and mark out your crease area of the eyes to give a sharp and clear graphic look to the eyes. Rest your little finger on your cheeks for balance and start drawing the eye liner slowly in soft short strokes. Then, apply a shimmery cream base to the centre of the moving lid area of the eye. This step will help in adding light to the eye makeup and also make eyes appear bigger.


Step 6:

Apply a light champagne-colour eyeshadow in shimmer or satin finish above the cream eyeshadow, which was applied earlier. This step can be done with fingers as well as using a brush. Apply the same creamy black kajal to the waterline area of your eyes. Then, apply the required amount of mascara to offer a thicker lash effect. Clean any fall outs and conceal the under eye area to give a sultry and neat effect to your eyes. Apply a soft champagne or cream-colour shimmery eyeshadow to the innermost corner, brow bone area and the tear duct area of the eyes to highlight your eyes. With this step we complete the graphic eye makeup look.