Looking chic with shorts •5 signs you’re wearing the wrong bra

The Nigerian weather has taken a turn for the better, with the rains on the low side and the sun as well, and there may be no better time to embrace shorts.

Interestingly, there are more ways to wear shorts so that they can look even more beautiful outside the four corners of your home, or beyond the open expanse of the beach.

With the various lengths of shorts available, a classy sense of decency can be achieved with this style option. Ms Lola Francis of Lolly’s Beauties, Ikeja, Lagos State, shares tips with Makeover, on how to style shorts:


Prepare your legs

Pulling off a successful fashion look with shorts is more or less, a basic function of beautiful legs. Preparing your legs for shorts is important. Invest in your skin by ensuring it comes off as smooth as possible. Moisturise properly to give your legs the right shiny outlook. The length of your shorts may also be determined by if you are straight-legged, knock-kneed or bow-legged.


Try native styles

Believe it or not, Ankara blouses go beautifully with shorts, depending on the style of the blouse anyway. And if you so desire to take it a step further, let your Ankara also feature as the shorts style. Peplum, tent, buttoned-down, cropped, are just a few of the Ankara-themed styles that go beautifully with shorts. The trick is not to drown the look by going overboard with the Ankara blouse.


The right shoes

Whether flats, heels, stilettos, wedges or boots, many types of shoes can pair with shorts. The important thing is to know how to combine appropriately.


Add a pinch of formality

For those who work during the weekends (and this depends on the work environment), you can wear shorts. In fact, for some kind of jobs, for example, those who work as On-Air-Personalities, fashion stylists, artistes, among others, you can wear shorts any day of the week. Throw on a sleeveless blouse and a blazer, and you’re set for the office.


Casual/semi-formal styles

You can wear a chiffon top over your shorts for a day out with friends; pair denim shorts with a silk blouse for a picnic or shopping; wear with a jacket, belt and flats for a casual date or to the movies.



For those who don’t mind showing a bit of skin, wear a crop top over your shorts. Another way to pull off the cropped look is to knot the tails of your shirt over your shorts, exposing a brief layer of skin on your belly.


Print on print

As Kedike crooner, Chidinma, presents in this photo, you can wear printed shorts on tops with print. If you’re at a loss on how to pair prints, engage the services of a fashion expert. The trick to pulling off prints is to ensure that the prints match favourably.


P.S. However you decide to rock your shorts, moderation and decency are important points to note.


5 signs you’re wearing the wrong bra

bra-guide1YOU can’t fit two fingers underneath the back band: About ninety per cent of the bra’s support should come from the band. Think of the shoulder straps as a back up plan. The bra band should feel snug around your torso—and don’t freak out that it’s going to give you “back fat.” Firstly, the right-sized bra pushes your breasts up and forward, giving you a leaner look. Second, you’re human and it’s normal to have an slight indentation in that area.

You should start off on the first or middle hook when you first buy a bra, and be able to fit your index and forefinger in the back comfortably. That way, it’s not to tight or too loose, and you can tighten the strap as it wears and stretches out over time.

The underwire is poking into your breast tissue: Breast tissue is super delicate and the last thing you want to do is irritate that part of your body–especially with a metal wire. Your underwire should sit on your ribs and be in line with the middle of your underarm. That way, your breasts fit completely inside the cups, letting your bra do what it’s supposed to do.

Your bra gaps in between your breasts: Front-gapping is a telltale sign you’re in the wrong size. The center part of your bra, in-between the cups, should sit flush against your skin.

Your straps are digging into your shoulders: As stated earlier, most of the support should come from the bra band, not the straps. A common mistake women make is buying a bra that’s too wide across, and compensating the unbalance by tightening the straps…a lot. Too-tight straps can cause myriad problems, and repeated wear can even cause permanent marks on your shoulders.

Your bra just isn’t comfortable: Do you take off your bra the second you get home for the night? Then this one’s for you. It may seem basic, but bras should not feel like a Medieval torture device. We’re in 2016, guys, and with all the technology out there, we actually have access to bras that don’t hurt. Your bra should help you feel like your best self…and if it’s a sexy lacy one on top of that, well, we most definitely approve.

Addition information source: www.glamour.com