Looking your best in wedding photos

Your wedding photos, like your spouse, will stick with you for the rest of your life (that’s the goal, at least). So how do you make sure—on such a busy and happy day—that you’re posing for perfection? We asked professional wedding photographers to give their best tips on posing, smiling, and keeping it candid, so you can ace your future album and concentrate on celebrating.

  • For candid photos, it’s always helpful to look slightly away from the camera. Try looking over the photographer’s shoulder or at your bridesmaids. It’s best to move into a position, so it feels more natural, rather than freezing in a pose. —Kate Hauschka, Kate Hauschka Photography
  • The trick to looking good in your wedding photos is actually quite simple. Stand up tall and keep your shoulders back. Try not to slouch and keep your chin up. It’s always a good idea to practice this in front of your mirror before your wedding day. —Susan Shek, Susan Shek Photography.
  • Enjoy yourself. Don’t be so stressed out about everything that’s going to happen that day because it will show on your face. Be confident in the fact that everything is done now, and the day has come where all you need to do is go get married and enjoy yourself. —James Berglie, Be Photography
  • I recommend to my brides to consider a ‘first look’ with their groom, so that they can do their wedding photos prior to the ceremony. This way you are taking photos closer to the time you had your hair and makeup done. —Joanna Moss, Joanna Moss Photography
  • Stay relaxed. People always look the most photogenic when they’re relaxed. Doing something as small as making sure to take a few deep breaths throughout the day can help you relax and give you a natural glow in your photos. —Michael Freeby, Michael Freeby Photography
  • One tip that I always tell my brides is that true emotion is so much better than posed. Faking a smile will result in a photo you hate. During your photo session, make sure you don’t focus on the photographer, but rather, your new husband! Focus on your emotion and you’ll create photos you love. —Reis Shimabukuro, Capturing Hawaii Photography
  • Take it easy on the makeup. Request that your makeup artist give you an enhanced natural appearance, especially when it comes to the eyes. False lashes are a big deal when it comes to makeup. They transform the eyes, making them pop in the photographs. But instead of using the adhesive strips, apply individual lashes so that if one piece falls off, there is no big deal. —Erin Bhoorasingh, Grand Lens Photograph


Source: Women Health Magazine