Lokoja Federal varsity falling apart

THE glorious past of the Federal University, Lokoja is gradually fading.

Gone are the days when the university glittered in newness and beauty, with lawns well-manicured, bathrooms and toilets properly cleaned and running with water.

During these glorious years, the lecture rooms were well-swept and mopped; the seats well-arranged and the screws were intact. The windows and doors to all offices and classes were well fitted and strong.

The electrical sockets were all working, but that was in the past.

Today, the Federal University, Lokoja lecture rooms have become a ghost of themselves.

The electrical fittings are breaking off, the windows are falling apart, the seats are all broken and ceilings are falling off. Cobwebs now reign supreme in the lecture halls.

While no one can be blamed when infrastructures dilapidate, the lack of maintenance is the reason properties at the Federal University, Lokoja are in the state they are at the moment.

If we are to start laying the blame, the students should first be blamed for not using these properties with the required care. It is unfortunate that in just four years, these wanton damages could be recorded. But the Works Department of the university must also have its share of the blame. With the way things are, it would be correct to say that the department is non-functional or inexistent, as its impact is not felt at all.

Finally, it is the management of the university that will take the larger portion of the blame, as it could either be accused of complete neglect of its duty, or to be considered irresponsive to its duty as the manager of all properties in the institution.  Therefore, this is a call for the management to wake up to its responsibilities and be proactive in maintenance. In Civil Engineering, maintenance is a better and preferred option to complete replacement. Some people may say the physical structures in a university do not really matter, but the truth is that the condition of the structures has meaning to people visiting the university for the first time.

Again, when the structures on campus lack maintenance, how will students study under such environment?

This letter is not to ridicule the institution, but to call the management’s attention to the situation on ground in the university.

I believe that this will spur the manangement on towards taking maintenance seriously at the university.

  • Akerejola Abiodun,

Lokoja, Kogi State.