He lied that he was single when he was married —Wife

A 36-year-old and a mother of two, Ibukunoluwa Odemobaniyi, has requested an Inalende Grade ‘C’ customary court, Oyo State, to separate her from her husband, Idowu, on account that he lied that he had not been married before, despite the fact that he was asked before both were joined together.

However, according to Ibukunoluwa, Idowu had married another woman before asking for her hand in marriage. Their union had been experiencing unrest since the secret was known to her.

“My husband was asked if he had been married before and he answered ‘no.’ There has not been peace in our home. It’s been trouble every day and he makes attempts to beat me. When our Pastor intervened, he begged me that it was the work of the devil.

“He abandoned several of his jobs which he has been paid for and a lot of people usually come to foment trouble in the house.

“There was a day he told me to pack out my belongings but I refused. At midnight, he gripped my neck and repeated the statement. On seeing that he made an attempt to kill me, I packed out my belongings. It’s been two years now that there has not been anything from him, hence this court action.”

The court asked after the defendant’s father, but Ibukunoluwa said that it was his stepfather who instructed her to divorce him. Again, the plaintiff was asked to state her husband’s behaviour.

“He’s very stubborn, has no respect for my family and abandons his job which has led to molestation in the area,” she stated.

After a careful look at the plaintiff’s evidence before the court and the fact that the defendant absented himself from the court, having been served properly, the court ruled that there is no more love between both parties.

The president of the court, Mr Ramoni Olafenwa, ruled thus: “The marriage between the plaintiff and the defendant contracted about nine years ago is hereby dissolved forthwith. The children of the marriage are to be in the plaintiff’s custody. The defendant is  to be taking care of the children on education, health, moral and financial grounds. The two parties to maintain peace. Copy of this judgment to be served on the defendant through this court Bailiff.”