Our leadership style guarantees freedom — Bello

Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration is one with the leadership style that guarantees equal opportunities for every indigene of the state without religious or ethnic consideration, the director general, media and publicity, Kingsley Fanwo, has said.

He said the people were already getting abreast of the leadership style of Governor Bello which had so far engendered development in the state.

Addressing a Christian congregation at the Chapel of Freedom, Lokoja, Sunday, Fanwo said the Governor had a divine mandate to fix Kogi State and right the wrong of the past.

He said Kogi State was in shambles before the advent of the present administration, saying the governor was well equipped to handle the challenges of fixing the State.

His words, “Kogi State was on her knees before the advent of the present administration. The State was bedeviled with thousands of ghost workers, poor roads, failed healthcare, education in ruins and gross insecurity.

“But today, Governor Yahaya Bello has restored the confidence of the Kogi people. Lokoja is cleaner and has better roads, the Governor is working hard to provide water, security and better education. Today, road projects are going on across the three Senatorial Districts of the State and the Fair Healthcare Scheme will help give healthcare services to people at a ridiculously low cost.

“The decision of the Governor to ensure ghost workers have no place in a new Kogi State was informed by a determination to check the waste of State resources in order to better serve the people of the State”.

Fanwo thanked members of the congregation for their prayers during the court processes which dragged to the Supreme Court, saying the determination of the cases showed that God is involved in the affairs of Kogi State.

He said the Governor was open to working with his opponents who are ready to put Kogi first, urging the church to intensify prayers to ensure the Governor succeeds to the benefit of the people.

According to him, Bello had identified corruption as a major bane militating against the progress of the State, assuring the people that the Governor will fight against corruption, no matter who is involved.

“Corruption is a big issue in the State. The Governor is suffused with a great determination to fight corruption through legal means. The institution of a Judicial Commission of Inquiry was not targeted at anyone but a system that failed in the past. The best way to stop the future from failure is to look back to see where we hit our foot against the stone”.

Fanwo urged the youth in the State to key into the New Direction Agenda of the present administration in the State in order to synergise with government to develop the State and empower the people.