Lagos deserves special status

I am surprised that the Senate can deny Lagos State a special status, which would have enabled the Centre of Excellence to be generating extra revenue from the Federal Government. The truth is that Lagos is the most cosmopolitan state in the country. You find indigenes of other states, as well as other African countries well established in the state. In truth, some people now refer to Lagos as a ‘No Man’s Land.’ Even, I can say half of our legislators have business with Lagos, so I was surprised why these same people would now denied the state this great opportunity.

I am happy with the manner in which Lagosians have taken the whole thing; this shows the maturity of the people, but it is important for our legislators to revisit this issue so that the Centre of Excellence can be given a special status.

There is virtually nobody in the country who would say that he does not know anybody in Lagos. This is how cosmopolitan the state is, and I hope something can be done as soon as possible to give the state the special status it deserves.


  • Felix Adeyanju,

Ikorodu Road,

Jibowu, Lagos.