At Lagos’ Agiliti, infrastructure neglect, economic paralysis hurt over 25,000 residents

· We can’t boast of single hospital, water – Residents cry out ·As community seeks Ambode’s urban renewal intervention scheme

Agiliti 11 community is located at Kosofe Mile 12 axis, but shares boundary with Magodo, the elite neighbourhood where every good things of life is in abundance, be it road network, drainAge facility, social amenities and any other things that distinguishes good living from poverty, on the contrary, Aagiliti11 depicts the opposite.

To compound the problem of the residents in the community, their neighbour, the Agiliti 1 community is savouring an unprecedented infrastructurel upgrading put in place by the administration of immediate past governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola.

A visit to Agility11 last week, revealed a seeming neglected environment, begging for recognition, who are always at the mercy of flood anytime it rains. But apart from rain, anytime water is released from the Ogun-Osun River Basin Authority’ dam, it’s always a compounded woes, a situation that paralyses every social, economic, even, religious activities, the people complained.

Nigerian Tribune investigations revealed that the clinic, a project put in place by by OSSAP MDGS, in Abuja, in conjunction with the Lagos State government, titled: “2008 Conditional Grant Scheme Project Reconstruction of Primary Health Care, Agiliti 11, Idi Oparun”, has witnessed dilapidation. Though, a carcass, it wouldn’t cost much to renovate it and equip it.

Still, as at last week, wooden bridges woven criss-cross the various road, but barely contain two people coming from opposite directions are still there. Indeed, the entire environment has suffered what one of the residents described as “unprecedented neglect.”

Speaking on their experience, which they described as “annual rituals”, community leaders said there case is an isolated one, adding that year-in-year-out, they always send representation to government offices, that include ministries of Environment and Physical Planning and Urban development, including works and infrastructure.

Tayo Odubona, narrated what life is always like whenever water is released from the dam.

“Look at the wooden bridges we usually constructed whenever we experienced flooding. Apart from economic paralysis, our children found it difficult to go to school, neither would we be able to go to our respective places of worship.

“We are imploring Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to extend his urban renewal scheme to us in Agiliti 11, especially drainage facility and road”, he pleaded.

Another resident, Charles Abimiloye, made specific reference to an ongoing canal dredging activity that he said has remain uncompleted.

“If government can complete this canal and construct our road, particularly, the one that links Otedola Estate-Julius Berger in Ojodu, we are free from this annual trouble.

“More than that, the only presence of government here is the clinic that has never put into use for one day. So, we beg our amiable governor, to please visit us or send trustworthy officials who will brief him on what is actually on ground”. Abimiloye urged.

To Abdul Ganiu Quadri, abandonment of the clinic facility is one of the pains that the entire community is suffering.

“This community with more than 25,000 residents could not boast of single hospital, no pipe borne water from public tap, no functional drainage facility, yet, our immediate neighbour in Aglity 1, are enjoing these amenities.

“Governor Ambode has demonstrated uncommon goodwill in places like Epe, Ikorodu, even up to Badagry. He is our governor also and we beg him for his presence in our community”.

A women leader, Madam Caroline Okusajo, who spoke in similar vein, said it’s sad that a community of more than 25,000 people couldn’t have a market that little things like meat, pepper, or other domestic goods could be purchased.

“It’s sad that we don’t have a single market here and this is due to the bad terrain, where flooding has become a rule rather than exception.

She also urged government to provide public water for the community.

“Before the crisis that engulfed Mile12 and the environs recently, it’s mairuwas that we used to get water supply. But after the crisis when Okada operators were banned, it’s our children that would trekk to Agiliti1, to fetch water. This will take between one and half hours to two on daily basis.

“But the irony is that we are paying tenement rate, Land Use Charge and sundry charges, which government officials, no matter the flood or condition of road, will make sure they come and collect, even, if they will need to remove their shoes and waded through the flood, my son, it’s sad”, said Madam Okusajo with expression on her face showed disenchantment.