On Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway

IT has become imperative to call the attention of the Federal Government to the precarious condition of the Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway. The road is making life unbearable  for its users on a daily basis. The toll gate, Sango, Joju, Owode, Iyana-Ilogbo and Ifo axis of the road are in such terrible conditions. People living in these areas never get home until midnight everyday.

Unfortunately, going through the Federal Government’s 2016 budget, this road was not part of the listed roads for rehabilitation. This is disheartening because the road has become a death trap as accidents occur there frequently.

It must be noted that the road is always busy, and it is a major link from Lagos to Ogun State. It is, therefore, important that the Federal Government takes urgent action to rehabilitate the road before it collapses totally and becomes unmotorable.

However, as a palliative measure, the large companies located along this axis need to contribute towards rehabilitating the road before the Federal Government finally awards the contract.


  • Olanipekun Taiwo,