Kwara LGs urged to establish libraries in council headquarters

Mustapha Akanbi Foundation, a non-government organisation, founded by the pioneer chairman of the ICPC, Justice Mustapha Akanbi, has challenged local government areas in Kwara State to encourage reading and writing by establishing a library in each local government headquarters.

Speaking at the inauguration of Mustapha Akanbi Library in Ilorin, the vice chairman of the foundation,  Dr. Salami Mudasiru, said that libraries should be opened in rural communities in future.

Dr. Mudasiru, who said that desire of Justice Mustapha was not only to plough back to the society benefits of sound education he had received, added that it was to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

“This informed his building of mosques, establishment of school, founding of foundation and Ma  ASalam Islamic foundation,” he said.

Dr Mudasiru said that the library was completed within six months through contribution of patriotic Nigerians, who shared his perception of life.

He, therefore, appealed to individuals and groups to support the library and join the foundation in its determined effort to build a great nation that would be the pride of the black race and haven of all that is good and decent in human society.

“In this respect, donation of books is invited from friends, well wishers, scholars, individual and corporate institutions. Children who visit the love library would have an autograph signed by the founder of the library, Justice Akanbi,” he said.

Also speaking, the national librarian, Professor Lenrie Aina, said that the library would live to meet up with the vision of the foundation, which, according to him, was to give hope and succour to all and open up new vista for the development of the immediate environment and the world at large.

Professor Aina also suggested a provision of a viewing centre for the immediate community as part of the library.