Kwara CAN in crisis

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A component group within the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kwara State is embroiled in a crisis of confidence over alleged plan by a faction to usurp a properly constituted leadership for the group.

Already, security agencies in the state have invited some leaders of the two factions while one has been told by the national leadership of the group to put the inauguration of its state executive committee on hold.

It was gathered that the crisis within the group, Organisation of African Instituted Churches (OAIC), began over the non-recognition of a faction led by Superior Evangelist Funmi Babalola, who led a team of his own executive committee to denounce a proposed visit by leaders of the group in North Central region, Bishop Nwankwo R.B.C.

In a strongly worded statement made available to newsmen in Ilorin, Evangelist Babalola, expressed concern that the visit was a ploy to impose leaders from just three out of the eight local government areas where the OAIC had presence on his own team without proper reconciliation.

He emphasised that his own executive was authentic.

Babalola explained that since he paraded huge membership of the OAIC, it was pertinent that any contact with fellowship leaders in the state be conducted with his involvement as he lamented that security agents had been monitoring his movements over the incident.

“We were called by the DSS three days ago after some people lodged complaint against us, but after we went there, the security personnel dismissed the allegations and told us to continue what we were doing because the truth is that we are on the side of the truth”, he said.

However, when contacted, Bishop Nwakwo claimed that Babalola had since ceased to be the chairman of OAIC in Kwara State.

Bishop Nwankow also said that as such, he was no longer in position to be intimated about activities of the leadership of the group.