KSDT kids speak on the importance of the internet to a child’s life

Kids on this week’s edition of the popular Children TV series, Kids Say the Darndest Things (KSDT) sponsored by Etisalat Nigeria explains the importance of the internet especially to children in solving their numerous home works.

This week’s edition showcases highlight from previous episodes of the show signaling the end of season two of the weekly children’s tonic. Kids in the highlights discussed the importance of internet availability in meeting up with submission of their various assignments and knowledge development.

The unscripted kids show as usual became very funny when the show host, Tony Okungbowa asked children where chinchin got its name? The children responded that the name chinchin was derived from our chin, the way we chew things thrown into the mouth on daily basis.

Another guest on the show, a 3-year-old boy, Corbing Ogunenye whose responses created a funny encounter when he was asked by the show host, Tony, on how his parent deal with him when he misbehaves? He said Mummy sends him to naughty corner and when he was asked to dramatize what the naughty corner look like? Corbing told the show host that he was not his mother which robs him the power to punish him.

Other segment of the show featured Faith Adebayo, a nine-year-old drummer boy who played a drum set professionally. Also, three set of identical twins were also featured and they opined that their mothers had twins as a result of eating too much food and too much consumption of water.

Damilola Omololu, a nine-year-old boy expressed his desire to buy a luxurious stretched limousine that can seat up to twenty people which can be used to move his familymembers around the city. He said he was not going to have more than one wife but cannot say the exact number of children he planned to give birth to.

The most hilarious and heart touching segment on the show was when a bright and smart girl, Ireoluwa, nine-year-old, used the opportunity of the show to appeal to her mother to refund her three thousand and five hundred naira she borrowed from her to pay artisan. She said her mum is rich enough to refund her because she witnessed a party where her mum was sprayed with so much money.