She knows she’s guilty of adultery hence her divorce suit —Husband

Nobody takes oath in their village and remain the same after —Wife

Responding to a divorce suit filed by his wife, a 41-year-old man, James Omale, has told an Igando customary court that his wife must go to his village and swear to an oath to prove her fidelity.

Omale, who is self-employed, told the court that he believes his wife knows that she is guilty that was why she does not want to swear to an oath.

His wife, Yetunde, had filed the divorce suit to end her two-year-old marriage.

“My wife knows that she is guilty of adultery, that is why she is afraid to go to my village to swear.

“She left her matrimonial home for a month to an unknown destination. In my tradition, when a woman leaves her matrimonial home and wants to come back, she must first go to our village to swear that no man has slept with her.

“My wife left my house without my consent and when she returned, she refused to go to my village, instead she rushed to court to ask for divorce,” he told the court.

He described his wife as an ingrate. “I sponsored Yetunde from her 100 level to final year. After her graduation, I lost my banking job and she told me she was not interested in the marriage again.”

But his wife Yetunde told the court that her husband asked her to go to his village to make sacrifice.

According to Yetunde, her husband told her to travel to his village in Benue State to make sacrifice and swear to an oath to prove that no other man had slept with her.

“He tells me that he always sees a man making love to me in his dream. His elder brother is a herbalist and his wife is currently mad, while his second brother’s wife has been sick for years without solution.

“They cast spell on the wife of his other elder brother who is now a prostitute. I will never be a victim of their evil plan,” she said.

“My husband always leaves the house without my knowledge and he will never care to call me. Because of his bad behaviour, I went to stay in my parents’ house.”

The petitioner urged the court to dissolve the marriage because she was no longer in love with the husband.

President of the court, Mr. Adegboyega Omilola, adjourned the case till September 6 for judgement.