Kids should imbibe cultural tourism values – Mopelade Owolabi, Proprietor, Citadel Private School

Parents, guardians and proprietors of primary and nursery schools in Nigeria have been urged to develop interest in teaching and encouraging pupils/ wards-cultural–tourism values.

The proprietor, Citadel Private School, Mrs Mopelade Owolabi made this call in her welcome speech during the Cultural day celebration held in the school premises at Ojo badan Street, Off Oshuntokun, Old Bodija Ibadan last Friday.

Mrs Owolabi revealed ‘one of the cardinal objectives of this school is to ensure the impartation of socio-cultural tourism values on any pupil who pass through the four walls of our school.’

She pointed out “we found out that knowledge without the basic understanding of the cultural- tourism values of a child as an entity in his or her community is nothing, but a fluke. Products of such a process mostly turned out as cultural misfits and of having no respect to the values of the society which he or she emerged from. This is what we at Citadel Private School have set out to preven.

Mrs Owolabi opined “We are producing for the society  a crop of thoroughbred pupils who are not only good at academics, but  culturally responsible, tourism inclined, socially wise and  patriotically alert.”

She said “An academically sound pupil who understands and appreciates the basic cultural values of his or her community from teens has high tendency to reject or withdraw from anti – social culture and values which might be inimical to what he or she is used to.”

Mrs Owolabi said that “Researches have discovered that culturally mentored pupils are not always able to interact and operate within the confines of the socio- cultural expectations of any society in which they find themselves, but they have been found to be responsible and attain accomplishment in whatever they do. Hence, at Citadel, we ensure that our pupils are academically sound and culturally fit.”