Jump on the cut-out shoulder bandwagon now!

Cut-out shoulder or cold shoulder is one sizzling fashion trend you should try out now. From red carpet events to traditional weddings and offices, fashionistas, celebrities and style influencers can’t seem to get enough of this trend. The striking feature of this trend is, of course, the cut-out detailing which leaves the shoulder bare.  This cut-out shoulder will give you the chance to show off your shoulders in a subtle and feminine way. It has become the first choice for aso ebi styles and has taken over Instagram, and other fashion blogs  Facebook and so on.

Besides sewing it with traditional attires, there are many cut-out blouses and dresses to choose from. Just like the tops, cut-out dresses can be both casual and dressy, fitted or loose, plain or patterned.

It is important to note that when wearing an elegant cut-out dress, it is advisable to choose a hairstyle that will not cascade down to your shoulders rather, go for  an elegant up do or high pony tail so as to flaunt your shoulders. The outfits displayed here  are just some of the many possible ideas of how to pull off this trend.