Judiciary, save Nigeria’s democracy

LAST week, a court in Abuja stopped the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) convention, which was scheduled to hold in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, while another court in the Garden City gave the party the go-ahead to hold the convention. It was these conflicting judgments that aided the police in its decision to scuttle the convention of the party.

This is, therefore, the reason the National Judicial Commission (NJC) must reform the judiciary so that the law is not used to scuttle our democracy.

On two different occasions, the PDP fixed its convention, and on these two instances, the courts gave restraining orders against the party from holding the conventions.

What is happening is that some people are using the judiciary for their own political advantage, and it is important the judiciary senses this and do the needful.

Politicians are funny people; they are only after their interests, and to achieve that, they can go to any length, including using the judiciary against their political enemies.

It is high time the judiciary realised that it is being used to destroy Nigeria’s democracy and the earlier something is done, the better.


  • Wisom Ewan,


Akwa Ibom State.