Join the brooch brigade movement

Brooch is back in a big way and as these lovely ladies demonstrate; brooch adds a delightful finishing touch like frosting on a cake. Judging from the way it has been sweeping across the fashion scene of late, it looks like brooch is bound to remain at the peak of its popularity for long. Although this jewel has retained its principal wearing style which is by pining it on a tuxedo or suit jacket lapels, the manner of wearing it has changed significantly. It can be attached on turban, hat, beaded neckpiece or worn as a décolleté (a delicate embellishment at the chest area), on dresses, tops and can also be fastened at the waist of dresses.

brooch2Brooch comes in different colours, patterns, shapes such as designer logos (the most popular is the Chanel designer logo) and sizes.

The more intriguing the design, the more striking your outfit will look. The only thing to take into consideration is if the fabric of your piece of clothing is able to withstand the weight of the creative jewel, as some brooches are heavier than others.