Job creation: Graduate Foundation to recognise jobs provider

An Abuja-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Graduate Foundation (GRAFO), is set to recognise individuals and organisations that are empowering Nigerian unemployed youths.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Graduate Foundation, Mr Emmanuel Eche-Ofun John, the organisation was registered in 2009 to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerian unemployed youths through vocational training/skill acquisition, provision of white collar jobs, seminars and mentorship.

He said the idea to recognise those working assiduously to provide jobs for Nigerian youths was to encourage them to do more and encourage others, who are in a position to do same for thousands of unemployed youths, but not doing anything.

“The Jobs Providers Awards will be a yearly event, and it is aimed at appreciating individuals and organisations who are not relenting on their efforts to provide jobs for the army of unemployed Nigerian youths. The fight against unemployment is a continuous one and must be fight by all, it needs all hands to be on deck to tame the monster,” he stated.

The awards would be in the following categories: the Jobs Provider of the Year, Governor of the Year,  Senator of the Year, Honourable Member of the Year, House of Assembly Member of the Year, Corporate Organisation of the Year and Government Ministry of the year, among others.

The Government Agencies of the year, The Most Entrepreneur-friendly Bank of the year, The Most Workers-friendly Corporate Organization of the year, The Youth Mentor of the year, The Philanthropist of the year, and The Young Entrepreneur of the year.

He said the awards, which would come up on 23 November, 2016 in Abuja, would feature paper presentation, lectures and entertainment.