I’ve quit smoking marijuana —Runtown

It has been said many times that some Nigerian music stars are alleged to be heavy smokers. While some of them have owned up to the claim, others have denied it.

On Friday, Douglas Jack Agu, better known by his stagename, Runtown, let the cat out of the bag when he confirmed that he had, indeed, been a smoker but vowed to quit on same day.

The singer, on Friday, took to his twitter handle with a post that suggested he might have been a smoker. His short message on twitter read “04/11/16 The day I quit smoking marijuana.”

The revelation from Runtown on twitter pitched him against  some of his fans immediately while others simply wished him well. Some of his fans even asked him to make good his vow to quit smoking marijuana.

Runtown reportedly used the opportunity of a new month to make a new vow. However, some people believe that he used the controversial revelation to draw attention to his new song, Mad Over You, which he incidentally released on Friday.

No sooner had the Gallardo crooner revealed that he’s going to stop smoking marijuana, than his fans started rooting for him with some of them asking him to make good his vow by staying away from Marijuana. Others simply thanked God on his behalf and urged him to move close to God.

Asked it if is true that marijuana gave him inspiration to perform, Runtown said it never did.

He added that “Don’t worry about the people that are never happy for you,they probably aren’t happy for themselves either,Keep shining.”