I’ve not known peace since I married her —Husband

A 36-year-old husband, Philip John, has told a Mararaba Upper Area court in Nasarawa State that it is an abomination for a married woman to sleep outside her matrimonial home in his culture.

John, a civil servant of Anguwan Albarka, Mararaba, had urged the court to dissolve his five-year-old marriage to his wife, Jovita Oseghale for alleged lack of love and peace.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), he told the court that since the inception of their marriage, the respondent was in the habit of fighting him in the public without shame.

According to him, the respondent goes out and comes back at will.

The petitioner said that he was seeking for dissolution of their marriage and also for the court to award him the custody of their only child Emmanuel.

“Since l married the respondent in 2011, l have not known peace, although l did not know much about her before the marriage.

“She goes out without my knowledge, spends eight hours outside, when questioned, she will lie that she went to see somebody.

“She later graduated into sleeping outside, any woman that sleeps outside her matrimonial home is an abomination in my culture.

“For us to meet as husband and wife is a big problem.

“We met once in three or six months, anytime I insisted, she would rather refer me to go in search of street ladies,” the petitioner alleged

The petitioner said Jovita had packed out of her matrimonial home, and asked the court to dissolve the marriage and grant him custody of the child.

John’s counsel, Mr Uche Okonkwo, had told the court that the respondent was absent and efforts to reach her were unsuccessful.

The presiding officer, Mr Vincent Gwehemba, dissolved the marriage and awarded custody of their only child to the petitioner.