Investigation: How fresh land ’ll be allocated in FCT

All land allocations in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) will henceforth be done only in areas where infrastructures have already been provided by government, investigation by Abuja Xtra has revealed.

The policy was worked out after the current administration in the territory placed an indefinite ban on fresh allocations of land.

Following the new initiative, no new allocations would be made except in areas which have already been provided with such infrastructure like power, access roads, telecommunication ducts, as well as sewer lines.

The new policy was to ensure that the long time being taken before development of the allocated plots by beneficiaries was reduced considerably.

In Abuja, most allottees were unable to develop their plots as the government was yet to provide the needed infrastructure where the allocations were made.

Checks by Abuja Xtra revealed that the current administration was not comfortable with the practice which it described as frustrating speedy development of the territory.

To drive the new initiative, Abuja Xtra confirmed that the administration has set up a 12-member Land Use and Allocation Committee to identify areas which had been provided with infrastructure and determine if there were still available lands for allocation.

The committee, it was gathered, is being chaired by the FCT Permanent Secretary, Dr. Babatope Ajakaiye.

It is expected to identify plots of land available for possible allocation within the territory, process available land requests and advise the minister on action to take.

The committee would also advise the minister on matters connected with management of land and resettlement of persons affected by revocation of rights of occupancy.

Setting up of the committee was said to be in line with the provisions of the Land Use Act 1978.

Members of the committee include the General Counsel/Secretary, Legal Services Secretariat; Secretary, Area Council Services Secretariat; Directors of Engineering Services, Resettlement & Compensation, Urban & Regional Planning, Survey & Mapping as well as Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS).

Others are aides to both the minister and the permanent secretary while the Director of Land Administration is a member/secretary of the committee.

The committee, according to information made available to Abuja Xtra, is to ensure equity, transparency and due process in all land allocations in the territory.