Invest in Islamic, qualitative education, Muslim parents admonished

Muslim parents have been implored to invest in Islamic and qualitative education of their children.

Delivering the September Usrah lecture of the Companion in Lagos at the weekend, the Executive Director, Finance of Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN) , Alhaji Jumat Babatunde Ali Oluwafuyi, challenged Muslim parents to prioritise Islamic education of their children from early life to enable them internalise the ethos of the religion early.

Speaking on the topic of the lecture, “Parenthood and Parenting in Islam,” Ali-Oluwafuyi said Muslim parents should not wait until the children are in the secondary school before introducing them to Arabic and Islamic education as it might be too late at that time.

He also tasked parents to change their orientation towards education by ensuring that their children pursue courses that would make them self-reliant to cope with the prevailing economic situation.

The lecturer also charged parents to show good examples in their conducts as children grow to imitate what their parents are doing.

Oluwafuyi who is also the coordinator of the Muslim Welfare Fund (MUWELF) sought the help of Muslim elite and government in the northern state government in tackling the problem of street kids.

He commended the efforts of the Kaduna State government which recently introduced a legislation against begging by kids.

He, howevern advocated complementing the legislation with the type of education which would empower the children so that they don’t return to the street.

He also challenged Muslim leaders of thoughts and Imams to regularly hold lecture for members on children upbringing and moral values.

The Companion is a group of Muslim in business and the Usrah is a monthly programme of the society held on the first Sunday of the month.