When Indomie surprised Nigerian entertainers

It was a surprise for some Nigerian celebrities as they received the customised ‘You Like No Other’ special Indomie packs, from one of Nigeria’s leading noodles brand.

The ‘You Like No Other’ campaign, according to Indomie, was borne out of the need to appreciate and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual in their various fields of endeavor.

“Indomie believes that everyone is special in their unique way; whether he/she is a musician, an artiste, a comedian, blogger, and needs to be celebrated.”

The customised packs came with taglines such as ‘Singer Like No Other’ and ‘Humorist Like No Other’, with a caricature picture of the celebrities and different Indomie flavours in likewise customised and designs.

Most notable was the delivery style employed by the Indomie brand which engaged musician, sensation, Sound Sultan, as the celebrity #delivarymanlikenoother, who personally delivered the packs to each celebrity accompanied by Indomie’s Social media manager, Kenneth Iruonagbe.

According to Iruonagbe, Indomie believed that the identified celebrities are special and have distinguished themselves among several others in their various industries. “ Indomie is celebrating hardwork and effort these talents put into being extraordinary in their unique way.”

Some of the celebrities who have received their customised packs include: Alibaba, 2Baba, AY, Ice Prince, Yaw, Helen Paul, Falz, D’banj among others.