I’m not in a hurry for fame —Ayoade

Fast-rising actress, Adedayo Ayoade, wants to take her career to the next level without compromising her stance on working hard.

Ayoade, whose acting career started from childhood, insisted that she was ready to give her colleagues a run for their money as she continues to build on her popularity in the Yoruba speaking movies.

In an interview with R recently, the mother of one recalled her early days in the industry when she joined a theatre group called Gbolorogun and was trained by professionals who put her through the rudiments of acting,  music and dance.

According to her, no serious-minded actress or actor could claim to be a professional without going through the tutelage of an elder or a theatre group.

Speaking further, the actress admitted that getting to the top in the movie industry for a lady could be very challenging, adding that she was aware that some movie producers usually take advantage of up-and-coming actresses, who are desperate to take any role.

According to her, “sexual harrasement is not peculiar to the movie industry, it happens everywhere, even in banks and other places. But as an actress, you must not be desperate to become famous. “I have always maintained that with hard work and perseverance, one can achieve anything in life. I know some producers are fond of making advances at some of us, but they won’t force you to go against your wish. If they approach you with such and you say no, there are other God-fearing professional producers who are ready to cast you if you merit the job.”

With a movie to her credit, Ayoade wants more and she says work has begun on a new project which would cast popular faces among the Yoruba speaking movie practitioners.

“I co-produced a movie, Ogunologun, some years back but we are working on a new one that will shake the entertainment firmament. I want my fans to watch out for this movie, the title would be Obikan.”