I’ll never betray PDP —Senator Ningi

A former  deputy Senate Leader, Senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi says the  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) remains a strong and formidable party,  promising never to betray it.

He spoke shortly after donating two cars to the Bauchi State chapter of the PDP on Monday against the backdrop internal challenges the party has been gping through lately.

He said having served in the House of Representatives and Senate on the platform of the party, it would be wrong for him to jettison the party.

“I am not going to betrayed the party that made me who I  am. I served both in the House of Representatives and Senate for years under the platform of PDP. Why then should I betrayed the Party, I will never betrayed the platform that makes me all that I become today, “ he assured.

He said it was unfair to label members of opposition party, especially PDP as Boko Haram members, urging the authorities o always carry out thorough investigations on those behind insecurity in the state.

Ningi added that  it was dangerous for the party in government or security agencies  to see anybody who hold a different opinion on certain issues as a member of Boko Haram and enemy of Bauchi State.  “What this simply means is that, if you do not agree with me, or if you are not in the APC, you don’t love the state. It is unfortunate. What really happened was that  some  group of youths  stoned Governor’s convoy in Ningi and the governor ordered security agents to make arrests. Unfortunately, it was an indiscriminate arrest, as most of those arrested were members of the  opposition party, in fact, PDP members that were not even aware of the attack.

“Our party members were locked up and linked with Boko Haram. This is worrisome. It was discovered after investigation by the police that those who perpetrated the attack on the convoy of the governor were  members of the  same ruling party and the  Commissioner of Police also  testified to that.

“The attack was carried out by an army of youths from the same political party with the governor whom were sponsored by some leaders of the ruling party  just  to attack governor’s convoy in Ningi. That was exactly what happened, but they ended up arresting PDP members because they are in the opposition,” he alleged.

The former deputy Senate leader urged the security agencies to be careful while dealing with politicians so as to avoid taking sides or linking members of opposition party with Boko Haram .