Ikorodu attacks: Navy, come to our rescue

I want to call on President Muhammadu Buhari to order the Nigerian Navy to start regular patrols on the Ikorodu waters so that the ongoing attacks on innocent residents in the town can be curbed. For some time now, residents of this area have not been finding it easy due to the activities of criminals who come to the community through the waters.

So far, the police check-points in the area have not deterred the criminals from perpetrating their evil acts because while the police are stationed at the entrance of the community, the criminals come through the rear with speedboats. It is not as if the police do not know this, but I think they are ill-equipped to curb the activities of these criminals.

It has even reached a situation where the criminals kidnap well-to-do people, asking for ransom from their family members. The criminals also rape, while physically injuring people who have no money to give them.

As it is now, the areas bordering the waterside have been deserted. Residents have fled for dear lives. Even the Ogun State deputy governor who came to the area to ascertain what was happening was attacked in broad daylight.

I am, therefore, appealing to President Buhari to order the Nigerian Navy to start patrolling the waterways in Ikorodu, Lagos State. Until we have well-equipped naval personnel on the waterways, many residents, including myself, will not return to their houses.


  • Ishola Olaitan,


Lagos State.