“If I am not arrested, for naming my cat Buhari, why should that man be arrested?”

Cossy Orjiakor is no doubt, a reader’s delight any day , anytime. Though she has been controversial  over the years,  She has remained undaunted in the pursuit of her career. In this interview with JOAN OMIONAWELE, the actress talks about her intended marriage, career, among other things. Excerpts:


So  far, how has your journey in the entertainment industry been?

I’m doing very well, thank God


People are of the opinion that you no longer act movies. What went wrong?

I have done about   eight movies this month alone, Loud silence, Pure Honey, by Zeb Ejiro and others.


Is that to say you have fully returned to acting movies?

The stress then was really overwhelming, so I decided  to take things easy.


What were you going through?

When you are starting out something, you are hungry for the fame, money and everything and then when you’ve gotten it, you have to keep improving on yourself, so that you won’t do the same thing over and over again.


What is going on with your singing career?

I’m planning to release a song before the year runs out. I try to take things easy.


You hinted at marriage a few months ago and your fans have been looking forward to it. Tell us, When is it coming up?

(laughs)  When I said I was getting married, I was truly getting married, I have a video to even show you for that, but all the negative things like who is going to marry this one, are just coming up. It’s just being delayed, but we will get married.


So, you are just taking things slow.

I can’t marry myself now, so if he doesn’t make a move, I’ll be back in the market.


Is there any man who can tell you to cover up when you get married?

I’ve dumped lots of guys. I have said ‘byebye’ to many of such  proposals. In this time and age, what else is the man going to do? I want a man who will complement me not one who will want to change me.


How do you feel when you read negative comments about yourself?

I used to feel bad back then, but now, I don’t really feel anything. I try to give excuses for such people because what could I have done to make the person so irritated, I try to visualise how ugly looking the person is and just laugh it off.


There is this actress, Afro Candy, who people think is in a competition with you…

(cuts in) I’m not in a competition with anyone. I’m the pioneer when it comes to being sexy in movies and music videos. I’m legendary when it comes to that, so they shouldn’t be competing with me.


Was there any point in time when you had a nasty experience when it comes to love and relationships in general?

No no no, when it turns sour, you find someone to replace it, that’s all. When you expect so much from people, that’s when you become disappointed.


What do you  do to keep the fire in your relationship burning?

Hmm, I don’t know o…(smiles) But you have to give your partner space. Everybody needs space, make sure you don’t act as a bodyguard. Always let them know your next move and carry them along. If you are obsessed about finding out, he will cheat on you, he will actually cheat on you., so in the end, you will find what you are actually looking for. So, try to take it easy on yourself.


Do you feel that you are not celebrated enough?

I think I have gotten far enough when it comes to being sexy in the industry, Last year, I was honoured at the Nollywood Film Festival in Germany. I think I was the first female to build a house in Lekki that year, so I have accomplished a lot when it comes to being sexy, but people who pioneer things are hardly celebrated,  it’s just the people who come after them that are celebrated


You caused a lot of uproar when you named your cats Buhari and Jonathan, what informed that decision?

I found out that someone actually arrested the man who named his dog Buhari and that was very unfair. My dog is named Caesar and I see nothing wrong about that. I even heard that he was meant to be arraigned in court. If I get arrested, then it’s a good deal for the Nigeria Police to prosecute him, but if I am not arrested and you throw him in jail because he is a trader and I am an actress, then that’s very wrong. It was very upsetting and annoying and I don’t like it when someone is victimised.


Are you trying to dare the government?

It’s not about daring the government. I heard it was just a rift between two people in one compound. I sympathise with the man. So, if I am not arrested, why should he be arrested. He did it in a small home and I did it in my home. I really sympathise with him


Are you being affected by the economic recession?

E reach my side o…..My cats are not even feeding well, that’s why you can see the one named Buhari, it’s very skinny. They used to feed on rats but there is nothing for them to eat anymore, so I’m looking for someone to adopt them. I have to cook food for them and it’s annoying. In case you have rats or you know people who live in Ikeja and Opebi, please, contact me, so I’ll give them one of my cats.


Are you romantic?

Yesso, I am  romantic


Are you hopelessly in love?

Hmm, I don’t know o, the love is going slowly


Why is it going slowly, is he not doing what he should do?

He should do more now..(laughs)


Some tongues wagged when you got a house in Lekki, as they said you were a runs girl, is this true?

I read accounting in school and I’m very conscious of how to make money from business, those days I was featuring on Obesere’s videos and other movies, I was making money from them. If you limit your expenditure, you will surely get what you want, but if you live a fake life which you cannot afford, you will go bankrupt.