I feel hot during sex

I am a 37-year-old male virgin. This is due to personal life challenges which I am trying to get over with. My problem now is the high dose of heat that usually comes out of my body whenever I am with my fiancée. After few minutes of foreplay with her, she will cry and beg me to stop the foreplay. She said my temperature is always too hot. I don’t know what is responsible for that because she is not the first lady to tell me that sort of thing.  I need your expertise to let me know what is responsible for this condition of my body.

Lanre (by E Mail)

Even though the normal body temperature normally rises during a sexual activity, an excessive increase of body heat is abnormal. Anxiety, excessive excitement and an underlying medical problem are the likely issues here. If your basic body temperature is normal, you may need to provide ways of cooling down yourself when you are with your fiancée through the provision of an air conditioner or an electric fan. However, if your normal body temperature is usually high, then a thorough medical investigation as to the causes of this should be carried out by visiting a medical doctor.