Why I don’t have male fans —Mo Abudu’s daughter

Temidayo Abudu is a producer with EbonyLife TV whose latest work, a TV reality show entitled: On The Real, is curently making waves. The London graduate of Management and Marketing speaks with TAYO GESINDE on her obsession with reality TV show, her experience shooting On The Real, among others. Excerpts:


How I got the inspiration for On The Real

I am obsessed with reality TV and I watched a lot of reality shows. At a time I felt  we should do a reality feature and I didn’t feel the characters came out as real as they should do. So, I thought let’s do a reality show with a drama setting. It sounds confusing but when you watch it, it makes full sense. It is a cross between drama and reality TV.


How I became a producer

I have always liked to write stories. At a time I was actually trying to get a job at Ebony Life TV. I was trying to convince my mum to let me come on board at EbonyLife, but she was not really forthcoming. So, I put some ideas down that I wanted to present them to her but I got another job elsewhere and the idea was just there on my laptop till now. All the characters in On The Real are very interesting; they are relatable. It is about fictional characters living in the real world – Lagos. They represent parts of youth culture that people can relate with. The show is all relatable and familiar but packaged in a unique format that I’ve yet to come across on television.


Growing up

It was cool. It was every child’s dream. It was interesting. I studied Management and Marketing in London and for my Master’s, I did an Anthropology course. I have always had a passion for TV. When I was in the university, I didn’t think I would go into TV but I thought I wanted to do something in the media, but I didn’t know what exactly I would do. After learning more about TV and the  different roles that people play, and knowing that I can organise  and plan things and  I like creative things, writing stories, I thought the actual job for me was to probably be a producer. I am here now with a lot of help.


Assessment of Nollywood

I think it is an amazing industry. I actually did my dissertation for my Master’s on Nollywood. After studying the industry, I had more respect for it. It tells everyday stories that any Nigerian around the world could relate to as something that has happened to them or someone they know. It is good to see that time is actually being taken to make the movies, and reality shows. I think eventually, we will get to where we want it to be.


Challenges faced

A lot of the challenges had to do with logistic. For instance, you go to location, you want to shoot but  you are running late and you had to run on diesel and the generator had to go off at a time. You also had to wait for the cast to get there on time. Sometimes, you are stuck in traffic for hours and you still had to get set to shoot. All of the challenges faced had to do with logistic. They were not major challenges but they affected the cost of production but eventually, we got through all of them. We have a completed TV show now. Thank God.


Description of self

I am reserved. I am only outgoing when I am around people that I know. People complain that I am quiet. I am only quiet around people that I don’t know. I am actually a fun-loving person. I like to have a good time and I also like to work hard. I enjoy my job. I love my job, I can do it forever and not complain.


Philosophy of life

I have never been asked that question before. Nobody knows the perfect recipe to life but if you know what you want, you should go for it. Try not to step on any toes along the way.


Definition of style

Style has to do with confidence and character. Whatever that relates to your character and you are confident with it, that is your style. You could wear a black slack, if you are confident in it, people will call you stylish.


Beauty regimen

I don’t have a rigid beauty regimen that I follow. For my skin, I use a face wash. Sometimes, I scrub my face and I don’t wear heavy makeup except when going for important occasions.


Fashion obsessions



Special treat

I buy myself a nice meal and I watch an interesting movie or go on holiday.


Favourite holiday spot

I don’t have any yet. There are still many interesting places in the world that I want to see. Maybe when I see all of them I can now decide which one is my favourite.


Favourite designers

That is a tough question. I am not at a point in life where I can afford all the designers that I love. I can’t mention their names now until I start buying and wearing them.


On how I handle advances from male fans

I am not a celebrity and I don’t really have male fans. To be honest, I don’t even have many followers on Instagram. As a producer, I am always behind the scene.


Most expensive item in my wardrobe

I can’t answer that question.


My take on provocative dressing

It is not good to judge. If you think it is cool and you are confident enough to wear it, good for you. I like the way I dress. I think it is okay. If people want to dress provocatively, that is their business.


On toning

If you feel you need to tone your skin, that is your business.