My husband bathed our only child with urine instead of water —Wife

· She fraternises with thugs and Indian hemp smokers —Husband

A 52-year-old woman, Taye Omoniyi, has told an Akure Customary Court in Ondo State that her husband, Awopetu left their matrimonial home for 16 months after he had a weird dream.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that the woman, who testified  in a divorce petition brought by her husband, said that Awopetu started behaving strangely after waking up from his sleep.

According to her, Awopetu once bathed the only child of their marriage with his  urine instead of using water.

She added that she had approached her mother-in-law to have a keen observation on the petitioner.

The respondent recalled that the petitioner would only give N200 for daily upkeep  for her and the child when she gave birth, adding that it was the neighbours that gave her foodstuffs for survival.

Awopetu had urged the court to dissolve his three-year-old marriage alleging that his  wife was fraternising with thugs and Indian hemp smokers.

He told the the court that he had to desert the home because there was threat to his life, adding that he received series of threatening calls emanating from cronies of his wife.

President of the court, Mr Ayodele Omotola, ordered Awopetu to pay N3,000 for the upkeep of the child and ordered both parties to maintain the peace and adjourned the case till October19  for judgement.