Hoodlums kill 70-year-old truck driver

A 70-year-old truck driver, Jerry Akinsola from Ondo State has been killed by hoodlums over N5, 000 in Ipaja area of Lagos State, on Tuesday.

It was learnt that the deceased and his motor boy who were both in the truck were heading towards a particular place when the truck developed a fault and Akinsola sent the motor boy to fill the truck with diesel.

Lagos Metro gathered that while Akinsola came down from the truck to give the motor boy a hand in filling the truck with diesel, the hoodlums attacked him.

One of the deceased’s relatives explained that the hoodlums killed the victim by hitting his head against a pavement.

“They had finished and were preparing to move when the hoodlums came out from nowhere and attacked him from behind. They asked him to pay a sum of N5, 000 for “Owo omo ta ku,” which he told them he did not have.

“They started beating him and later hit his head on the pavement and blood started gushing out,” he said.

Ige Akinsola, another relative of the deceased told Lagos Metro that the hoodlums tried stealing the fire extinguisher. “Some sympathisers arrested them while one of them tried stealing the fire extinguisher and handed them over to the police who later came to the scene of the incident,” he said.

The relative added that, “The corpse had been moved to the Mainland Mortuary, Yaba.”

The case was reported at Gowon Estate, and later transferred to State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCID).

The Lagos State Police Spokesperson, Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the case. She said “the incident was reported in the division. The report was that the man was repairing his broken down vehicle when some miscreants accosted him to settle them.

“While insisting on taking money, fracas ensued and the deceased was pushed to an on coming vehicle and he died in the process. Two suspects were apprehended and taken to the SCID.”