Hoodlums attack school during valedictory service •7 suspects arrested –Police •It was minor incident –Proprietor

Some hoodlums, struck and attacked a school in Orile  Agege area and allegedly destroyed the school’s valuables and beat up the principal and one of the staff during the school’s valedictory service day on Saturday.

A source told Lagos Metro that the attackers were prepared to cause trouble. “It happened that the school held its valedictory service on Saturday. After the party ended around 5:00 p.m., some of the hoodlums refused to leave. They became angry because the Disc Jockey (DJ) stopped the music.

Another witness said that the guys then took to breaking the chairs in the school.

“We discovered that some of them ran outside and were making calls, after sometimes, we saw so many of them numbering up to 50 with different weapons, knives,  cutlasses, sticks and they wore different kinds of ‘fetish’ rings on their fingers.

“Not too long again, they returned, they were about 100 this time. A staff called the police who came to the scene to save the situation.”

Another witness stated that the attackers were not moved by the presence of the police. “They refused to run, even after sighting the police. In fact, some of them knelt down while others prostrated and begged the police to shoot them directly and not shoot into the air. They said that they preferred direct bullet than stray bullet. It took the intervention of a community leader who live within that area to calm them down.

“The police arrested seven of them who were said to have started the whole problem.”

The proprietor of the school, Chief Otubela, however denied the incident, saying that it was only a minor disagreement among pupils of the school.

“It was all about some teenagers who had a little disagreement among themselves on where to park their cars. Although, the police, who were on duty at the school gate intervened, no school property was damaged and our valedictory service was peaceful.”

The Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmus, confirmed the attack, adding that seven suspects had been arrested.

“Some hoodlums entered the school’s premises and got some valuables destroyed. They allegedly made away with a sum of N1.5 million. When our operatives from the Elere division were contacted, they moved in immediately and arrested seven of the suspects. The suspects had been handed over to the Area G headquarters for further investigation,” she said.