‘Homes’ away from homes

The common belief in Lagos is that it is only the mentally-challenged people and area boys that inhabit uncompleted buildings and abandoned government properties. But sadly, the norm is changing, as checks by Eko Akete revealed that families are now finding solace in uncompleted buildings and other abandoned structures.

Eko Akete stumbled on one of such families which have made their place of abode behind a small kiosk on Agboyi Road, Ojota area. When interrogated,  the mother of the family sadly revealed that she took the bold step when her landlord gave her quit notice.

“I am a widow and depend on my petty trading to survive. The business crashed when the recession bit hard. I had to distribute my belongings among friends. I and my two kids sleep behind this kiosk at night. We relocate to the front of the Redeemed Church when it rains”, she said.

She however pointed out that she had concluded plans to move into an uncompleted building down the road. “The place is still under construction. I have spoken to the foreman and he agreed but told me I would have to leave very soon”, she added.

Eko Akete also observed that some families also stay in front of an abandoned building where they sell odds and ends. “My husband is trying to raise money so that we can go back to the East. People wonder if we actually don’t have any friends or family members. But who will harbour a family of five,” another woman lamented.