Hilarious video sparks newsroom row

Perhaps, you have watched the hilarious video of a song entitled: “Change Blues,” which made the rounds recently and was largely circulated via the social media, especially whatsapp. The song, which is apparently a caricature of the original “Reggae Blues” a blockbuster by fast rising music act, Harrysong, was written by a certain Kuro as his own way of speaking against what he deems not right in the system.

The comical song has somehow become a cult song of some sort among different cadres of people, including journalists, and thus repeatedly generating heated arguments among them. On a number of occasions, it has led to debates among colleagues in the newsrooms, where pro and anti  government elements engage in heated arguments that would ensure their voices are heard blocks away.

But once in a while, the arguments might want to turn awry and would require a quick intervention of people around to help put an end to it.

I had such an experience when I visited a friend of mine who works for another newspaper company in Lagos. Right from the gate of the company, I knew something was wrong, as there was a loud argument emanating from the company’s newsroom. When I got there, I was stunned to see my friend being held back by about four men from pouncing on a colleague of his who was also being held back by another team of journalists.

As later gathered, problem started when my friend, who is a die-hard pro government felt slighted by the other guy who I was told had repeatedly taunted my friend by playing the song in question very close to my friend’s work station. This friend of mine was however not in the mood for such, especially as he was already having a bad day. Therefore, he angrily grabbed the phone from where the song was being played and hurled it into the dustbin. This didn’t go down well with the other guy, who used some foul words on my friend. There were heated exchanges of expletives, followed by a short moment of fisticuffs, before the pair was  eventually separated by other colleagues.

Thank goodness the two are back to being friends again and the unfortunate incident appeared to have been put behind them. I have since learnt that: “never play a taunting song from your phone to a man who is having a bad day.”

In the meantime however, for those who haven’t watched the video of the song yet, and who may be wondering what it’s all about, they may want to get prepared to see a group of apes singing, dancing and playing musical instruments, while pointing out some of the perceived signs of poor governance in the land.