He’s, been threatening my parents’ lives, woman tells court

She’s unfaithful, flirts around with different men —Husband

Responding to a divorce suit filed by his wife, a man, Ebenezer Olotuyemi, told an Agege Customary Court in Lagos State, that his wife, Folashade, flirts around with different men.

Olotuyemi made this known when he testified in a divorce petition filed by his wife seeking dissolution of their 15-year-old marriage.

The respondent, who denied the wife’s allegations, wholeheartedly agreed to the dissolution of the marriage.

He told the court that the petitioner had been unfaithful, that she flirts about with different men, having caught her red-handed.

He alleged that his wife had a questionable character and that was why he refused to legalise their union.

“My wife has a care free attitude, not submissive and does not listen to corrections.

“She dresses in outrageous attires, which I do not like and whenever l try to correct her, she doesn’t obey me and would flare up,” the respondent alleged.

He further alleged that his wife was into politics which is against his will and leaves home at odd hours for political campaigns at the expense of her matrimonial duties.

Folashade had urged the court to dissolve her marriage to her husband, citing threats to life.

The petitioner alleged that her husband was troublesome, ungrateful and that he had been threatening her parents’ lives.

She told the court that when they were evicted from their house, her father accommodated them in his home.

“Later, my husband saw it as an abomination to be living in his in-law’s house.

“My father gave him money to go look for an alternative accommodation.

“My husband became rude to my parents; he constantly abused my father in public and threatened to beat him,” Folashade told the court.

She claimed the respondent forcefully took the children away and later dropped them at a friend’s shop when he could no longer take proper care of them.

“The children were always being beaten and maltreated by their daddy and had to run away from the house on two different occasions,” she added.

She described the respondent as violent and hot-tempered.

She asked the court to dissolve the union and to award her  custody of the children.

President of the court, Mr Philip Williams, urged the couple to maintain the peace, reminding them that children from broken homes were always stigmatised.

Williams adjourned the case till November 24 for judgement.