He’s not normal, he used to forcefully have sex with me —Wife •I forced her ’cos she denied me sex and I didn’t have a girlfriend —Husband

Unsatisfied with her marriage, a trader, Folake Adewale, has pleaded with an  Alakuko customary court in Lagos State to dissolve her seven-year-old marriage, over allegations of frequent beatings and forceful sexual intercourse by her husband.

Folake 42, told the court that she does not think her husband is normal.

“I don’t think my husband is normal because after beating me, he comes back to his senses and tells me that he did not know he beat me. Many times, he has forcefully made love to me.

“There was a time that he returned from his village and insisted on making love to me that night and I turned down his request. I did not sleep for three days for him not to have his way and because he is fond of charms and he is dangerous. I don’t trust him.”

Folake further told the court that her husband burgled her wardrobe and stole all her money. She also said she had always been paying for their rent and feeding her child.

“My husband has threatened to kill me uncountable times; so, I want the court to dissolve the union for me to have peace,” she pleaded.

Her 45-year-old husband, Kehinde Adewale, admitted that he used to forcefully make love to his wife because she was denying him his right.

“My wife used to starve me of sex at times for a month and since I don’t have any girlfriend, I’ll force her whenever I am at the peak.”

The estranged husband also added that he was always paying the rent and providing for the family.

Adewale said he never stole her wife’s money and had never beaten her.

He insisted that he still loved his wife. President of the court, Chief Awos Awosola, adjourned the case till November 25 for further hearing.