Help! I’m left with nothing!

Dear Yemisi,

I am a 40-year-old woman. I am married with three children. I am from Ogun State, but based in Osogbo. Though I have told you that I am married, but I can still say that I am not married. I know you will not understand me but by the time you finish reading my letter you will understand me better.

Last year December, my wedding clocked 12 years. I will say without mincing words that I have not  enjoyed this 12-year-old marriage for a day. I want you to either believe me or not but I am telling you the truth. What I am about to share with you makes me cry every day, but I have no one to share my problem with.

On my wedding night, three of us slept on the same bed, myself, my husband, his girlfriend whom I knew as my sister-in law and I.

I was in courtship for nine years without seeing any of his bad sides which I started noticing after we got married. He stayed in Osogbo while I was in Lagos working and also schooling at LASU.

The agreement between us then was that I would resign after five or 10 years to join him in Osogbo. But during this period, things did not work out again, all I didn’t see in him for nine years while the courtship lasted started happening. Consequent upon my findings, I was advised to resign after finishing my study so as to join him so as to put paid to my observations.  Since I resigned eight years ago, things have become worse. I have been trying to use my certificate to work, but all efforts to secure a job have been in vain till date.

As of the time of writing you, he has moved out since December on the excuse that he was looking for where he is going to get money for the children’s school fees. From my findings, I learnt he is with a woman he intends to swindle that he would need her assistance because he wants to travel. But I learnt that the woman is the smart type who insisted that he should go back home to pack his wears.

Please, help me. I have no job and I am left with nothing.

Please, I have been lonely since.


Dear Readers,

Estee will appreciate your intervention in her predicament. Send your counsel to or sent text messages to 08055001741. Please, do not call.