Heat rashes on my legs

I noticed that parts of the skin of my body especially my arms and legs usually peel off when the weather is very hot. My friends say it is heat rash and that I should buy Dustin Powder. I want to know what you think about this. I am 17 years of age.

Lillian (by SMS)

While it is true that Heat Rash can manifest in various forms, it will be difficult for me to conclude without examining you that what you have is purely heat rash and not any other skin disease. The best way to solve the problem is for you to go ahead and use the dusting powder and see if there would be any changes in your skin condition. More importantly, you should take measures to reduce the amount of heat getting into your body through the reduction of your clothing and the increase in the ventilation getting to you. If these two approaches do not work, then we can conclude that what you have is not heat rash but some other form of skin disease.