‘The Hearing’ premiere set for South Africa

NAIJOZI Media Productions, a multimedia outfit based in South Africa is set to premiere its latest movie titled, ‘The Hearing’ in Johannesburg, South-Africa.

The Chief Executive Officer of the outfit, Mrs. Olatilewa Animashaun, popularly known as ‘Tilly’, made the disclosure on Sunday in a chat with Friday Treat.

According to her, the educative entertainment-themed movie, will be premiered at the Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Johannesburg on Saturday, December 3, 2016.

The unrivalled entertainer, Mrs Animashaun stressed, “most actors that featured in the multi million naira movie are a blend of South Africans and Nigerians.

In order to give the movie its originality, the native languages of the actors such as Zulu Peedi Afrikaans and Yoruba were spoken fluently and richly by the cast”.

The film, which was directed and produced by Olufisayo Animashaun, a Nigerian based in South-Africa, was shot in several locations in Johannesburg, including the popular township of Soweto and features prominent South Africans as well as Nigerian actors which include Coenraad Stolz, Natasha Van der Merwe, Moloi Lindiwe, Adejayan Babatunde Jeremiah, Machate Easter, among others.

‘The Hearing’, is a non-fiction and an all-action film shot to capture the post 1994 events in South-Africa when the country’s authority opened its door to skilled migrants from other African countries but which later culminated into both the good and the bad series of events.

The movie also portrayed two immigrants from Nigeria; one a drug dealer and the other a law-abiding immigrant who wants to make an impact with a view to changing the South-Africans’ perceptions of Nigeria in the former apartheid country which was seen to be ‘fantastically corrupt’.