Have you heard of YALI?

YALI is Young African Leaders Initiative, online interactive for young people of Africa.

But why is YALI important on the Entrepreneurship+ today? It’s because of its entrepreneurships resources.

According to Macon Phillips, Coordinator, Bureau of International Information Programs at U.S. Department of State, the US Department took a survey asking how best it could serve the interests and passion of thousands of people on the network and the result showed that “thousands of members indicated an interest in entrepreneurship.”

As a result of this, the department said has been busy developing resources and information to help entrepreneurs in their business pursuits.

One of those resources is a four-part online course, which “explains critical aspects of entrepreneurship, from the process of developing a business, to how to identify and expand in the marketplace, to how to pitch to new investors.” The course allows the participants to earn a free certificate.

The course covers: Developing a Business Model, Creating a Business Plan, Identifying Your Markets and Pitching Your Business Ideas for Investment. The courses are available on the YALI website.