Hajj: Med-View boss advises FG on aviation fuel

THE Chief Executive Officer of Med-View Airline, Alhaji Muneer Bankole, has described sourcing of aviation fuel presently in the country as a general problem.

He advised the Federal Government to resuscitate the country’s four refineries to change the situation.

“We believe that if the refineries are working, it will save cost. The fuels are imported and marketers need foreign currency to get the products. We cannot blame the marketers who claim they will be selling their products at N180 per litre. They will blame this on unavailability of forex,” Bankole said.

The Med-View boss, speaking to journalists in his office, in Lagos, also expressed worry about the unfavourable foreign exchange rate.

According to him, 10 years ago when he started the airline business, N20 exchanged for one Saudi Riyal, “but today, it is N105 to one Riyal and that is why we must pray.”

Meanwhile, Alhaji Bankole has described the fortification of the fleet of Med-View as one of the reasons pilgrims flying the airline for this year’s Hajj were bound to enjoy better services than before.

He described this year’s operation as different with the celebration of the airline’s 10th anniversary.

“This year’s airlift is different because we are marking the 10th anniversary of airlifting of pilgrims for Hajj. As part of the anniversary, we have brought in three more planes to fortify our fleet,” the Med-View boss said.

According to him, airlift of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia this year would be completed in two weeks.

“The airlift of the pilgrims will take two weeks. I can tell you that the crew is eager and all our flights are to Medina. We prayed Almighty Allah to assist us and He hasn’t failed. That has taken away a lot of stress from the pilgrims,” he said.

Bankole enjoined the pilgrims to be good ambassadors of Nigeria in the holy land and be sure to make the most of the opportunity to perform the spiritual duty, which is the last pillar of Islam.

He also urged them to seek Allah’s favour for Nigeria.