Hair care for rainy season

I’m a student, and sometimes, I get caught up in the rain and my hair gets all wet. The rain also makes my hair lose its retouched state and  it becomes all tangled and hard. How can I keep my hair safe and healthy during this rainy season?



Going by the seasonal changes in recent times, there is no excuse for a woman’s hair to get caught up by the weather. The rains are rarely friendly to a woman’s strands, whether natural or artificial, and thus, it is important to take good care of the hair in the rainy season. Mrs Maureen Ubochi of HairSentials Beauty Parlour, Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State, shares some tips on how to keep the hair healthy during the wet season.


Stay dry

As much as possible, keep your hair out of the rain. Now would be a good time to invest in quality shower cap, umbrella, or better still, a raincoat. And if the rain catches you unawares, find the nearest safe shelter as soon as possible. If the hair gets wet, ensure you wash up and pat the hair dry. Retouched hair takes longer to dry, so you could use a hand dryer to ease the process. It is bad enough that women make hair that lasts them two weeks or more. Getting it wet on a constant basis will only make things worse – odour-wise.


Go natural

There is no time like the rainy season to go back to your natural roots. Regular use of hair extensions, especially in this season, will increase your cost of hair maintenance, as exposure to water will make the hair look older quickly and may develop bad smell. However, for natural hair, all you need to do is wash with mild shampoo and conditioner and dry. Too much washing should be discouraged as it encourages hair loss.


Use coconut oil

Popularly referred to as adi agbon, not many women embrace the benefits of the sweet-smelling oil, which is a great product for strength, volume and length. It also helps to retain the natural colour of the hair which may be lost due to constant retouching. It is cheap and readily available. However, ensure you buy the original product. Simply massage the coconut oil into the hair after washing and drying.


Go herbal

To reduce itchiness, which is a major disadvantage of exposing the hair to rain, go for hair products with herbal ingredients. They work well to eliminate dandruff and give the hair back its lost lustre.


Avoid too much drying

The rainy season may make your hair feel moist too often but as much as possible, avoid using a hair dryer. Instead, sometimes, pat the hair dry with a towel and let nature do the rest. Constant exposure to hair dryers will weaken the strands and promote hair breakage.


Invest in quality wigs

The rainy season is the best time to let your hair breathe. Instead of fixing weavons, go for wigs. That way, if your hair gets wet, all you may need to do is shake out the wig or, if necessary, wash with mild shampoo, dry and oil. It is also more economical than fixing weavons.


Keep things simple

The rainy season calls for simple styles when it comes to the hair. It would be a shame to spend thousands on the hair, only for an unexpected rain to mess it up.


Avoid tight head wraps

Seeing as the season may make the hair retain moisture, avoid wrapping your hair tight for long. Such will simply make your hair coarse and encourage tangling.


Eat right

The rain, somehow, causes hair loss so now provides the excuse to eat right for healthy hair. Add beans, fish, eggs, and vegetables to your diet to boost hair growth. Most importantly, stay hydrated by drinking enough water during this season.


Hairstyles to choose from

Nearly all hairstyles can work during the rainy season, depending on how well you can keep your hair dry. However, if you can’t afford to go natural or let your hair breathe awhile, go for braids or corn rows. Braids are washable and help with hair growth. Corn rows are also easier to manage and aid hair growth as well. If you have to fix weavons, stay out of the rains as much as possible to avoid bad smell and tangling.

P.S. Whatever the situation that gets your hair wet from the rain, always remember, never comb your hair when wet.