My greatest fear in life —Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold wormed his way into the hearts of Nigerians with the song Sade. He further struck gold when he got signed on by YBNL Record label, owned by Olamide. In this interview by JOAN OMIONAWELE, he opens up on his debut album, ‘Gold’, personal life and music career.

How has the journey in the industry been so far ?

It has been an amazing journey filled with experiences and I have got to learn a lot of things, I’ve learnt tricks on how to get things done, I have lost some things, especially my privacy, because there are times I want to do what I like, liking get on a bike or one of those things which I used to do, but it’s been an interesting experience for me


You just released an album, what was the experience putting it together like?

I won’t lie to you, it has been a lot of work, it has also been tough, with some decision making and there have been lots of compromises as well. It has also been stressful and interesting, because this is what I have always wanted to do and I’m happy I’m doing it now, so I’m really glad about it.


You also featured in ‘The CEO’, how did it feel working on a movie set ?

When I got a call from Kunle Afolayan, I felt it was a huge opportunity for an ace producer to call me, even if na just waka pass role, it’s something, because it will be seen across the world, so I gladly took the role, it was a different experience all through, because it also opened up opportunities to feature in other movies.


What was life like before stardom?

It was normal. I could go to the mall to watch movies because nobody knew me then.


What was growing up like ?

It was in between rough and great, there were lots of sad and happy  moments for my family, I went through things that taught me how  to be a good man. I had challenging  and interesting times, especially when things were not good enough with my parents. I learnt a lot from my dad as well because he is a great man.


How does he feel about your career right now?

They were very indifferent before, I remember my mum telling me that I was spending the money I was supposed to spend on myself to record, I also remember my dad telling me, ‘you sing, sing and sing like a girl, get out of my sight’ because I was always singing, I don’t think there was a day that I didn’t sing any song, but now when he hears my song on the radio, he will tell me, orin e ni won n play yen o, (that’s your song on air) and he also tells me his friends are always discussing and arguing about me.


You have very unique lyrics but there is this fear that you will join the league of artistes who sing lewd lyrics, are you under any pressure to join the bandwagon ?

I’m not under any pressure. People who have always known me know my kind of style, I have always been singing the kind of things I’m singing now, my lyrics have always been somewhat edifying and not bad at all, so there is no kind of pressure to join the kind of categories of people that you mentioned earlier, I’ll stick true to what I know.


Hmm, if you release a song with shrewd lyrics, I’ll remind you of this…

I could go out to do surprising things at some point, but trust me, it wouldn’t be so bad.


What’s your greatest fear?

Before now, my greatest fear used to be failure, till I learnt and thought that even if the worst thing happens, you will learn and get better and do something even better, so now, my greatest fear is not making heaven.


Are you a born-again Christian?

I think born-again is relative, but yes, I am a Christian.


How did you meet Olamide?

I used to be very popular for my photoshop designs and so he reached out to me to design the YBNL logo and so I also designed some things for Lil Kesh and Victor and when I released the song, ‘Sade’, he really liked it and he invited me over to talk about a deal and I took it.


You sing a lot of love songs and this has gotten everyone curious, what qualities must your girl possess?

First I love good girls, I love hardworking girls, I can’t stand the thought that you don’t know what you want to do in life, be a proper hustler, I like girls that are career-oriented, tell me that my girlfriend is the best at something…that’s what I like.


You have a two-year deal with Olamide which will soon expire, will you stay when it eventually expires?

Oh that’s between me and Olamide, I would rather not talk about it.


There is this love circle among you, Simi and Falz, will you clear the air…?

Oh, I thought it was a love triangle (laughs) You know what is funny, there is really nothing to clear, we are just hustlers, we are all making music, we have the same sound, except that Falz is a rapper, there is really nothing to clear, we are all fine.