Goldberg unveils new credential campaign

Nigerian Breweries Plc has unveiled Goldberg lager beer as “Your Excellency” in a new credential campaign launched in Lagos and Ibadan.

According to the company, “Your Excellency, as an appellation for Goldberg, reinforces its leading position in the market.

The company’s Corporate Communications/Brand PR Manager, Patrick Olowokere stated that “the honorific, “Your Excellency” is used to address the highest authorities in many political, religious and monarchical circles. As a beer brewed to golden standards by the master brewer, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Goldberg’s excellent credentials earn it the name “Your Excellency” among its peers.”

The company’s Portfolio Manager, Mainstream Lager and Stout Brands, Emmanuel Agu further emphasized the fact that as a brand that demonstrates a high regard for the culture and traditions of its target consumers, it’s not without a valid reason that “Your Excellency”becomes the befitting title for the Goldberg beer.

“No other beer brand matches Goldberg’s respect for the people’s culture. From its support of world renowed cultural festivals in Nigeria including the Osun Osogbo festival, the Ojude Oba festival, the Udiroko festival, the recent installation of the new Oba of Benin to its promotion of Fuji music, Goldberg demonstrates that it occupies a class of its own in adding value to the way of life of the people,” he stated.