God’s word, source of comfort for families —Cleric

“The word of God is not something abstract but rather, a source of comfort and companionship for every human family.”

These were the words of Reverend Father Felix Adedigba during the priestly ordination held at St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State.

In his homily, Adedigba challenged pastors to take advantage of occasions of marriage and reception of sacraments to remind couples on the ideals of Christian marriage.

He admonished pastors not to judge people or impose norms without considering people’s challenges.

He further stated that the church had often been on the defensive, and in the teaching of the doctrine, placed emphasis such that  “many people feel that the church’s message on marriage and the family does not clearly reflect the preaching and attitude of Jesus, who set forth a demanding ideal yet never failed to show compassion and closeness to the frailty of individuals.”

Adedigba also challenged all clerics on the need to have pastoral sensitivity to issues regarding marriages.

Citing the example of  Jesus, he urged them not to be rigid and legalistic in pastoring but to be merciful in applying marriage laws.