God set to rebuild Nigeria, food prices to come down soon —Prophet

The General Overseer of Holy Trinity Authority Prophetic Church, Prophet James Omitade, has charged Nigerians to remain prayerful, saying things would ease and “Nigeria will soon become Jerusalem again.”

Prophet Omitade told TribuneChurch in an interview that God revealed to him that the current economic hardship in Nigeria would soon be over and prices of food would come down.

Omitade said: “The Lord will rebuild Nigeria. The country will become a Jerusalem once again. God says we will rejoice over famine as it happened in Samaria in the Bible A bag of rice will be bought for N7,500. Prices of goods and services will come down, nations will rush to Nigeria to be blessed by the Lord.”

According to the cleric, “as it was in the 70s and early 80s, most countries of the world will patronise Nigeria. Developed countries would become visa-free for Nigerians because they shall become delight of the Lord.”

In the prophecy he entitled: “The Hands of God for Vengeance,” he, however, warned that “there would be a big storm in Nigeria, which would shake it to its roots before the year runs out, even till the second quarter of next year,” adding that “it will sweep mostly those who have stolen from Nigeria’s coffers unless they come out openly to confess and return what they have taken from the treasury.”

The cleric also held that “this year is a year of reward for those who have devalued the country through stealing, looting and corruption. God wants to visit them with some problems and some will abscond or abandon their homes.”

On the continental scene, he said he saw that “an African country would soon be faced with political instability and several countries would donate food and relief materials to alleviate their suffering.”

He also predicted that “a big star will soon fall in Lagos State,” while also contending that “in the north, there is also the need for prayers against cerebrospinal meningitis.”