Glo’s Professor Johnbull dissects beauty in 10th episode

The age-long controversy over what constitutes and defines beauty in women was unraveled in Episode 10 of Professor Johnbull, the popular TV satire sponsored by Globacom.

In the episode entitled “Beautiful Girls,” the guest artiste, Bovi Ugboma, was briefed by Professor Johnbull to source lady ushers who would assist with protocol duties at a proposed seminar on domestic violence.

He brought girls whose online pictures presented as light skinned but who, in reality, were dark skinned. This deceit incurred the wrath of Professor Johnbull who expressed contempt on the act and dubbed the girls as “liars, impostors, prevaricators and spinners of yarn.”

An incensed Professor Johnbull migrated to Olaniyi’s bar to cool down the nerves with a mortar of nkwobi, a local delicacy.  He was joined by his daughter, Eliza, who asked him why he ran away from the house. Professor Johnbull expatiated his beauty thesis by submitting that preference for light complexion was the genesis of the problem being faced by some women.

Unknown to Professor Johnbull, Bovi and Samson misconstrued his rejection of the first set of girls to mean a love for light-skinned girls and they struggled to bring three light skinned girls to Professor Johnbull’s house. This led to fisticuffs between Bovi and Samson which necessitated Caro (Mercy Johnson) running to fetch Professor Johnbull from Olaniyi’s bar.

Whilst trekking home, Elizabeth queried her father over his love for Olaniyi’s bar, adding that with culinary upgrade she could prepare better nkwobi than Olaniyi, prompting Professor Johnbull to defend his preference by saying he frequents the joint for camaraderie and cross fertilization of communal accord and unity.