Giwa to raise N20bn for NFF

Chris Giwa has said his board will raise 20 billion Naira for the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) by making football in the country a lot more attractive to sponsors.

The football chief, who has laid claims as the duly elected NFF president, maintained that the 20 billion target is realistic if the various commercial properties are maximised.

“Every product and brand in our football will be maximized towards the business possible propensity to meet the N20 billion income that Nigeria football is valued to be worth if possibly harnessed,” said the owner of Giwa FC.

“The biggest beneficiaries will be the leagues. The future of our football rest on your shoulders. Communities are the center of football business. That is what we shall aspire to as an Eldorado.

“It is our ambition to have leagues namely Premier, Women, Nationwide, National League One, youth leagues futsal and beach soccer leagues all profitably functioning well with high financial returns.

“We want to have a system that will be attractive for foreign players to come here rather than Nigerian players leaving in droves to other nations.

“A well programmed football environment will make sponsors to out price each other to have a piece of the action.

“Our cumulative target is to attract 10 percent of the nation’s population to do the business in football and we are home and dry. With you behind us and everyone doing his or her bit, then the sky will not be our limit.”

Giwa further said: “We have everything to make us succeed. Never will our football suffer the kind of setback we have witnessed since 1980 to date. These are the issues driving our passion.

“We are not here to live and survive on football. We want to use football as a means to national pride, development, income, employment and tourism.

“We have concluded plans to have a comprehensive football data bank for the country. Every person in the game from the day they enter the system will be captured in our databank. This will kill the idea of over-age syndrome. Secondly they will enjoy maximum insurance cover to remove the incidence of bearing the pains of injuries.”