Ghana government endorses Destination Akosombo

The signs that West Africa is poised to acquire  its portion in  the global tourism wealth and economy were  kindled last Friday 21 October 2016 at Volta Hotel, Akosombo by Ghana’s Minister for Culture Creative Arts and Tourism , Mrs Elizabeth Ofosu Adjare, formally inaugurated and endorsed Destination Akosombo 2016, a regional tourism movement powered by Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye .

Ambassador Akinboboye who has set a history of perfect finish branding of excellence in all his projects exhibited this copiously in the  Destination Akosombo 2016 which impressed the government of Ghana and which cultivated commendation to him and his Atunda organisation .

In selection of the right minds for the travel package, Akinboboye employed the African cosmopolitan sense which he believes so much by reaching out to the best of Nigerians in Nollywood, fashion, music and showbiz.

Wale Ojo,  a recipient of African Movie Award and the man who runs  the yearly  New Nigeria Cinema day at the British Film Institute in London represented the Nollywood group, Lexy Mojo Eyes, the Paris-based Nigerian  world’s fashionista, who  has consistently organised Nigerian fashion show in Paris since 1997 and who is also the man  behind Miss World Fashion, Olo Omidan Onibata,  Lady Anu Ekwe, Adigun Olohun Iyo and capping it all with  Aaara, (Thunder), a lady talking drum crooner.

These cultural – tourism stars put up excellent performance on a stage which was described by John Nana as “This is a wonderful stage. Being a showbiz fellow  and having attended many shows in Ghana, this stage dazzles and beats my imagination. Right from the acoustic sound system, the lightening effects, the African decor, the colour blend, all synchronised with the mood of the entertainers. This is wonderful.  The best so far, so glamorous, endearing and exciting. Whoever designed this is a genius.”

The parades of seasoned and international names were not for fun as Wale Ojo who was the Master of Ceremony   gave an exciting display when he did two numbers of Bob Marley to the excitement of the, motley crowd of invited guests.

Olo Omidan bata, Anu Ekwe, Adigun Olohun Iyo, who did the African rap man and the Atunda dancers stunned the guests with spectacular dancing styles which were not only excited the guests, but endeared the group to the Ghanaians.

akosombo2The act of Aaara,  ( Thunder ) , a new creation of a lady  from the Atunda stable who shattered the air space with a thunderous beating of the talking drum and who did not only moon walked while beating the drum, but balanced it  on her head and beat it silly will remain evergreen in the memories of many guests.

Lacing this up is the spectacular cat walk which was not just walking on the dais for the fun of it, but the Atunda cat walking  was not only about biceps, psyche, dress  but dressed with messages about African unity, tourism and the need to look inward and develop the local resources.

The fun was punctuated intermittently by short speeches and messages which brought to the fore the essence of the night and vision of Destination Akosombo.

Ambassador Akinboboye in lucid language mutually intelligible by all described the essentials of Akosombo region as ‘A wondrous garden of tourism miracle and ecotourism wonders which are not only pristine in nature and configuration waiting to be explored for the benefit of the region.”

He pointed out that  “The flora and fauna here in this region, the Volta River, which has been described as the biggest manmade lake in the world, the Akosombo Dam, the industrial fame of Akosombo as the home of refined African textiles  the aura of Akosombo, the unique stunning panoramic scenery of Akosombo region which is incomparable to any in Africa and others will serve as  stimulants of wealth, chords of peaceful interaction, lubricator of harmonious existence and magnets of foreigners to the town.”

Ambassador Akinboboye said “Akosombo is a spirit of unity, a pot of convergence where  African cultural tourism heritage, values, tangible and intangible articles will be enhanced to contribute significantly   to  regional integration ,empowerment and wealth creation.”

In response, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority, Mr. Gideon Aryeequaye, who represented the Minister that night said ‘I am very impressed not only by the qualitative spectacular show put up tonight, but of more importance is the fact that an outsider did not only appreciate the inherent beauty of Akosombo, but event further to tell us how we can enhance this for regional integration and wealth creation.”

He pointed out “Africa has what the European lacks in terms of ecotourism, cultural values, national culture, pride and heritage which this kind of initiative will bring to the fore. There are many other beautiful tourism sites in Akosombo which includes a fascinating water fall and a virgin island where there is little of human activities.”

Mr Aryeequaye commended Ambassador Akinboboye for his ingenuity in putting and pushing ‘Destination Akosombo,’ making it a reality of tourism project.

He declared “It is to the public good and all purposes. To the benefits of the people of Akosombo. To the ever growing tourism economy of Ghana do I wish to inform all that the Government of Ghana today endorses and inaugurates ‘Destination Akosombo’ as a tourism project of the country.”

The packaging of Destination Akosombo by Ambassador Akinboboye has not only elicited support from the Government of Ghana, but it has received the blessing of the United States of America by the declaration of Destination Akosombo as a spectacular change agent by Mayor of US, whose declaration was read  by  Eva C Thorne.

Paapa Abeasi Opare, Director , Afrikiko River Front Resort , Akosombo said “Destination Akosombo will not and is not just calling the attention of the world to Akosombo alone, but a project which will catapult our business here beyond our imagination. Kudos to the government of Ghana. Kudos to Ambassador Akinboboye, the man who dreams and turn dreams to productive reality. We are happy destination Akosombo is REAL. Akwwaba to Akosombo region”